Hurricane Horrors

Hurricane Horrors By Luis   It was like every other weekend morning, me, Zofia Caviera, and my little sister Ela, waking up, showering and having … Read more


Escape By Megan   Have you ever wondered where your mind is? I know I have, and maybe by some chance you have too. So … Read more

mirror mirror

ila is dead bois MIRROR MIRROR “YEET, school is officially over until tomorrow :[ “ I screamed to my only friend yup im a loner. … Read more

Playing with Fire

by Catherine   Bright flashes light up the sky as loud claps of thunder shook the ground. people coward away in fear when a booming voice … Read more

Feelings blossom 

  by Adam “Aurora, are you sure we should be here? The roof is blocked why are we here.” “Shh. If you keep talking we … Read more