Hurricane Horrors

Hurricane Horrors

By Luis


It was like every other weekend morning, me, Zofia Caviera, and my little sister Ela, waking up, showering and having our morning frosties. I already had my day planned, me and Ela were going going to go and play football with my best friend Holly with with one of her best friends Lucy Bronze and a few other friends from 1:30pm to 4:00pm.

It was a playful, fun and a joyful day at the playground with the bright sun beaming down on us playing football with a touch of wind. In a space of 30 minutes the sun disappeared covered by dark clouds and the wind started to pick up the pace. After two minutes of the heavy wind suddenly it started raining we were cold and soaked. We weren’t supposed to get picked up until 4pm and it was currently 2:30. We were all paranoid and could barley move. It was a hurricane. We were desperate for shelter and needed it immediately. So we grouped up and held tight onto each others shoulder and moved as a group. Slowly but carefully we walked and knocked on every door we could find, screaming in desperate need of a roof on top of our heads. Nobody answered the doors, the families were probably in the most safest and cramped up place they could discover away from the terrifying hazard not moving an inch. So we had to move on, and could not waste anymore time.

After 5 minutes of constant panic and knocking on doors Lucy bronze thought of such a great idea. She said with a relieved tone,”I just remembered there’s a local church nearby we can head there!” It was just next to the high street which was just a few streets away. It was a nightmare trying to get there despite the poring rain and the howling wind, it didn’t stop us. As we approached the church the priest was at the door calling for us to enter the church instantly. We made it, we’re safe. It was one of the best feelings in months.

Or were we safe?

After a while we had a sit down and my poor sister Ela was bursting in tears. We were all worried. So after a couple of minutes of panicking, there was something worse to worry and panic about. We felt the church shaking, the priest informed us,”Immediately get to the basement there’s a tornado above us!” We couldn’t take this anymore we rushed to the basement, got settled and waited for this possible disaster to end.