By Megan


Have you ever wondered where your mind is? I know I have, and maybe by some chance you have too. So where is it? We can’t see it, or feel it. Even when analysing a brain it’s non-existent, yet somehow we all know what it is,and that we have one. We all know its there, serving as everyones escape. Where all of your dreams, all of your fantasies are just one thought away ….Just one, deadly, thought. 

My feet pound along the cobbled pavement. This long  forgotten town is still a secret to those who don’t try to find it. I scream. Run. Don’t come back. It’s not safe. I take a turn. The men in grey stopped following. I found myself suddenly limp with fatigue, gasping, holding onto any oxygen that passes through my lips. I couldn’t see. Everything is blurred. I blink, trying to make sense of my surroundings, but my eyes are drawn to a mirror. It was somewhat luminous, tinted blue. That’s the one thing that I can make sense of. I walk to it, as if I was in a hypnotic trance. I was a moth flying toward the light, unaware of its inevitable death. I touch it. 


“Don’t worry my dear, you’ll wake up soon enough…”