Time To Steal Your Heart

Time to steal your heart.

By Adam


Ow! My knee. I fell and grazed it. 

“Hi are you ok? My name’s Lesley but my friends call me Lynn.”

“I’m fine thank you, my name is Florence but please call me Flo.” Those words rang loudly my mind. Why am i thinking of this now I’m in the midsts of a heist that could pay the hospital bill……yes, the heist was a success, now to pay off the bill, i fell asleep straight away. 

Oh God I need to get ready quick or I’m going to be late for school. I barely arrived before roll. 

“Hello students. Today we have a transfer student, this is her.” He introduced this girl who had long luscious black hair reaching down to the back of her knees, although she was in her uniform she was cute, she has a slim waist as well as bright blue eyes. 

The teacher then yelled “what are you waiting for a medal? Take a charity belt and sit-down already.” 

What shortly ensued I will never never forget. She sat next to me and spoke, “ Hi I’m Lynn, do you remember me?” I unconsciously replied, “of course I remember you……my love.”