0~0 The Cookie of Hope 0~0

The epic batter of Cerberus and Hercules

        by Megan


It was beautiful the world of mortals each person as endearing as the next each baby coo sent my cold heart into a million flames but there was one thing something so perfect so magical so …..woah I just needed it, a human cookie a masterpiece each coco chip placed with grace and care it’s golden brown bright enough to burn out even the sun the melted waterfall of chocolate brown made your mouth water you couldn’t help it’s it it’s just …just…

”Cerberus you’re drooling again you damn dog” said Hades “why aren’t you DOING YOUR JOB” he screamed his voice rang with a fired rage.

“My apologies master” I replied slipping out of my hypnotic trance.

”ugh I will let you off this time what had you so riled up anyway don’t tell me you were thinking about mortals again are you?” Hades inquired.

“N-no sir I wouldn’t do such a thing…although now that we’re on that topic do you know where I could perhaps get a…”

“A what?”


“Spit it out”

“A HOOMAN COOKIE?” Hades looked at me a mixture of amusement and sarcasm played on his face.

“Haha you haha”

“Whats so amusing master?”

“Haha you haha stupid dog haha haha you could have just hahahha asked me for one I’m not that meant y’know hahahhahahahhahahahahha”

“Oh really sir can you would you could you?” I said eyes filled with hope

“Yes you dumb dog” he said confused “I shall go as fast as flash # no copyright brb” and with that he was gone oh wait no…..he’s back wow he wasn’t kidding

“Oh my goodness master it’s a human cookie I mean cool dude…*cringe*

“Haha here you doggo.”

Hercules appears “Hai children wassup” said Hercules “oooooh what’s dis a Hooman cookie haven’t had one of those in a while …..*yoink*and like that my life’s work was gone I shall eliminate this foul human Titan thing WHAT EVER HE IS if it’s the last thing I do….

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