The Battle of Two Weavers!

by Archie

In the little town of Drumbla there is a small village. Spiders are known as a massive threat in this tiny town and many have disappeared randomly. The beaten down houses started loosing bricks and privacy was non-existent. These houses are seeing their last summer. The civilians had left many years ago and now this town has been overrun with dust and rats. The water shone brighter than the sun and the wind howled through the trees. Suddenly, the air got stronger and pushed me in the water with a great shove. Then the water started to move faster and faster. The faster it went the closer I thought it was to the end. Soon the whirlpool moved as fast as light. Then it pulled me in!

The last thing I remember was hitting my head on a massive rock and then I woke up in a bay. I was confused. Where was the village? Where am I? Where is home?! A massive forest was behind me and I saw something or someone running through it. I wondered if it was someone to help but when I looked back again they had vanished within the lush undergrowth. I ventured into the forest. The further and further I ventured, the less I knew where I was. Thinking I was lost I collapsed. Out of breath, I saw the thing again. As it sprinted past me, I decided to chase it with all my strength my muscles could muster. Finally I escaped from this forested jail. But this victory didn’t last long.

I found out that I had run in a circle and I was back in the same bay as before but was I? A windmill had appeared on the cliff. I had to stop and rest. My muscles couldn’t take anymore. Finally, after hours, I reached the castle just as night broke. In the sky there was a clash of dark and light. In the sky there was a clash of dark and light and the sun disappeared from the sky. The stars shone brighter that a nuclear explosion and suddenly the sky lit up with colour. It seemed like everything went quiet. No wind, no howls, no mourns, nothing… A final gush of wind moved the fans of the windmill and made the stars move. It was beautiful. No birds flying in the way and no clouds covering this amazing moment.

Finally, I decided to enter the windmill. I found a bed that was big enough for a family. I decided I would sleep in it. Then, like a flash, morning was here. I was woken up to a booming voice shouting “ GET OUT OR ELSE!” I didn’t know what to do. I got lost in my thought of what may happen. Suddenly there she was, observing me like she had never seen a man before. Then the room lot up with lights. But they were not lights. They were eyes, lighter that a blood moon. Then I saw her. Her hair as brown as oak and her dress as pink as a salmon. Her face was young and babyish and made the room light up even more. The helmet she wore glistened like a disco ball at a dance. Her voice, when she isn’t mad, is sweeter than the song of the sweetest bird, and her teeth were brighter than moonlight. Still, no matter what was just said, she was fuming. Steam started leaving her ears like a bull seeing movement in an arena. 

I was challenged to a weaving competition but first I asked for a sit down and a drink. After that, I gained her trust and heard her beautiful song. Then the weaving competition began. I let her lead for a few minutes then wove faster than imaginable. What I wove made Arachne surprised…I had won  the weave off. Little did Arachne know that she had just got betrayed by me. I controlled the spiders to attack her when I had won. As a matter of fact, I also cheated in the weaving competition. With some spiders on my hands I can weave faster than any human ever. So now that the old Arachne is gone. I am Arachne now and I am a God!!………..