Playing with Fire

by Catherine


Bright flashes light up the sky as loud claps of thunder shook the ground. people coward away in fear when a booming voice passed by them in rage. “Bring me the messenger,” it exclaimed. It would usually be a normal part of everyone’s routine when they heard the voice, however underneath all the anger there was a hidden tone. It was this hidden tone that caused chaos in the streets, a tone that nobody ever thought they would hear an yet it was as clear as day…fear. The almighty Zeus was afraid.


Like everyone else, Iris had heard the fear in Zeus’ voice and it was that that made her run the fastest she had ever done in all her life. Of course her beauty was nothing compared to Aphrodite but her golden wings gave of an ethereal glow and she was definitely one of the most breathtaking beings in all of existence. Rushing into Zeus’ private chambers she collided with one of her most oldest friends and brother figure, Hermes. “As clumsy as ever I see,” Hermes voice taunted Iris. “Well if you were looking where you were going there wouldn’t of been a problem!” Iris fired back, Unknown to both messengers Zeus was impatiently watching the exchange between the two friends and was growing angrier by the second. “What are you doing,” roared Zeus. Scrambling of the ground the two messengers bowed their heads in embarrassment and sheepishly apologised. Not caring for excuses Zeus continued with his lecture,” I am entrusting you with a grave secret that must not be spoken of outside of this room. The two friends looked at each other with great shock. It was unheard of for Zeus to speak of anything of great importance to them, as messengers they were not seen in such a high manner. “Olympus has been threatened and it is with my great displeasure that I join forces with my greatest enemy.” The shocked expressions that had once graced the messengers face soon turned to fear when realisation washed over Zeus’ face and roared with great anger, “Why are there two of you?” Cowering away it was Iris who spoke, “ You called for the messenger sit and there are two of us,”

“I don’t have time for such games.” pacing up and fun his chambers Zeus announced, “Since there are two of you we will make a challenge out of this. Your test is to each deliver a message. One of you will go to the east and the other to the west. Both letters hold great importance.” Zeus handed both of them a letter, “The first to complete and deliver without complication will be named Olympus’ Truest Messenger. However you must beware. You will, face great tests and evil…” A loud gulp was heard from Hermes, “ And so i am trusting you to stay far from temptation. “Do I make myself clear?”

“Of course,” chorused the two. “Good, now leave!” Iris and Hermes scurried out of the room ready to complete the tasks.


“Well that’s all the seriousness I can handle today,” joked Hermes. Angered by Hermes words Iris exclaimed, “How can you joke about this? Olympus is in danger!”

“I understand but remember we have tasks to complete so we must focus on only this.” Iris knew she couldn’t argue with him and by the smirk growing on Hermes face he knew this too. “So…” Hermes begun once they stopped walking. “Let the games begin?” Game? A term that suggests a good and friendly outcome. No matter how much she wanted to believe this she couldn’t help but feel that the outcome would be far from good. But never the less she responded. “Let the games begin.”