The Fall of the Gods Upon Men

by Luis


Zeus, the King of all Gods and men in Mount Olympus, was living luxuriously and happily with his beautiful wife Hera and his three adorable little children. Until Zeus’ most trusted guard, Mattheus, witnessed Hera cheating on Zeus with Hades the God of the Dead. Zeus was furious and heartbroken by the devastating news so he released a large amount of thunder and rain upon Olympus to let out his rage. But before he unleashed his powers on the backstabbing traitors he wanted to make sure of the facts. Zeus went out of his way to ask the other guards if they witnessed this event as well as Mattheus. Nobody else ended up witnessing it so he decided to ask Hera if she had cheated on him with Hades. And obviously Hera denied it, but Zeus was still suspicious. So then Zeus decided to put his theories to the test by coming up with the most masterful plan. He disguised himself in a note and pretended to be Hades. He wrote; “My Darling Hera, I miss you so so much come to meet me at the Akropolis park at midnight so nobody can find out. Love Hades.”

At 11pm Zeus made his way over to Akropolis park to disguise himself and organise the ambush. When the full moon arrived so did Hera, and only Hera, Zeus could not hold his anger and struck her with a 1000 volt thunderbolt, because she is a Goddess the impact of the bolt made her unconscious. Zeus didn’t waste any time to take her back and lock her up and forbid her from Hades, her children and freedom. She was imprisoned for many weeks.

After a while Hades became worried and confused of why he hadn’t seen Hera for so long. One day Hades took a journey to Zeus’ palace to ‘visit’ the family and share dinner, all the while hoping to see Hera. Just within the palace gates lay the prison, which Hades had to pass through to get to Zeus’ quarters. As he entered the prison doorway he realised it wasn’t as quiet as usual, instead there was one woman crying, banging the prison bars and screaming Zeus’ name. It was Hera. Hades was lost for words, he didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly Zeus entered the prison and Hades was struck to the floor unconscious.


To be continued…

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