The Grand War of Ares and Athena

by Sam

Lighting struck the ground, even the earth itself shook with fear. Athena and ares stopped there childish arguing in a blink of an eye. “Stop this at once!!” Zues yelled with rage in his voice. You could hear the anger in his voice from miles away. “My children stop this at once. You two are my only generals on the front line and right now I need you down in the mortal world. Orpheus is raining havoc murdering innocent people.” They soon realised there errors and rushed to the realm of the mortals in the golden chariot of Hermes.

When they arrived Ares leaped out of the chariot in a fit of rage. He ran at Orpheus with his sword held high and his anger running through his veins and struck Orpheus to the eye with looked to like the sun itself. As he cried in pain he hit ares into the royal stoa. Athena ran to his aid and gave him a special elixir granted to them by the gods to heal one another. Athena suggested that they needed a plan and to discuss there next course of action.

Ares didn’t care for a plan he ran back to the fight until Athena grabbed his silk red cape and pulled him back. Frustrated with Athena the two bickered until a fist fight broke out. 6 minutes had past and both were exaughtsted the fight had finally stopped only when Orpheus had found them. Both we’re ready to deal a killing blow to the heart. They leaped into the air and delivered a fierce strike to his heart. He fell to the ground screaming in agonising pain .

In the heat of the moment they shared a small high five. Days passed since the fall of Orpheus and over that time a war had broke out between them. With Ares and his Amazones daughters on one side and Athena and her army of trained men on the other. Many soldiers had fallen on both sides. The other gods thought of this war as childish so they did not intervene but for Ares and Athena this meant life or death…