Feelings blossom 


by Adam

“Aurora, are you sure we should be here?

The roof is blocked why are we here.”

“Shh. If you keep talking we will get caught, Amelia” 

Once we arrived on the roof I look around, the trees were bright green which the leaves dancing in the wind, and the sky was gleeful  with joy. As tradition the fireworks went off at 3:15 on the last day of school. “Wow Aurora these fireworks are beautiful.” 

“Amelia, look.”


As I turned I around Amelia’s lips joined with mine. I froze with confusion, not breaking W the kiss. Amelia kept our lips sealed until the end of the firework show, then she swiftly ran. What just happened. I had my first kiss stolen by my best friend but … I kind of hoped it lasted longer because, I kind of enjoyed it.