Judgement in London






One metal apple that looks like glass and three competing colleagues.

All fighting for knowledge of power and the power of knowledge.

Only one can truly have the ultimate knowledge but what will the other two do. Do any of them have knowledge or are they just fools rushing into something they don’t understand.




Enter Reginald and Assistant


Assistant: So on the list there is Louise, Matilda, Leo, Henry, John, Lucy, William and Isabel. Is there anyone else that you want there sir?


Reginald: Hmm, forgive me dear. What is this for again?


Assistant: Kadupal Incorporates yearly ideas meeting sir. You asked me to organise it for you sir, including who is to attend.


Reginald: Ah, yes of course. Remind me who it was again love.


Assistant: Louise, Matilda, Leo, Henry, John, Lucy, William and Isabel sir.


Reginald: Yes, very good. However remove Isabel and then that will be a perfect group. I’m afraid Isabels ideas are not what we need at the moment.


Assistant: Of course now leave me to work, there’s some important matters to attend to.







Reginald: Thank you all for being here today. As you know this is the most important meeting that our business has every year. But this year it is even more important as business is slow and we need a ground breaking idea.


Matilda: If I may sir, I would personally like to thank you for including me in such an important meeting for our company, and would like to address some ideas of mine. First of all-


William: And what on Earth, dear Tilly, gave you the clever idea that your ideas are even going to be taken in to consideration?


Matilda: First of all, dear Billy, I would appreciate it if you called me by my actual name. You know, Matilda. And secondly, I thought that seeing as Mr. Reeves invited me that my ideas would be of use.


William: Well good news everyone we found the the source of the problem, little Tilly thought. You’ve been here a whole what? 10 minutes? And for some reason you think you own this place. Being here for 9 months makes your ideas useless. Not to mention the fact that you’re a woman. Best leave this sort of stuff to the professionals love.


Reginald: William that will be enough. Everyone here is to be considered equal, including their ideas.


Lucy: And I would also like to point out that this is also your first ever ideas meeting here with Mr.Reeves and you’ve been here 5 years, is it? Where as Matilda has only been here for, as you so kindly put, 9 months. Surely that says something about you and your ideas compared to her. I’m mean… not to mention the fact she’s a woman. Love.


William: Your insight is appreciated Lu.




Delivery boy: An anonymous package for you sir. The note said for you to open it right away.


Reginald: Thank you lad. You may leave now.




Reginald: Right then let’s see what we have here.


Assistant: Are you going to open that now sir? We’re in the middle of a meeting.


Reginald: Well, my dear, it said to be opened straight away, so of course I’m going to open it.


(Opens up the box to reveal an apple)


Reginald: An apple? An apple? A bloody apple.


Lucy: A what sir?


Reginald: It’s an apple. A glass apple.


Lucy: But why would someone send you a glass apple? What’s the purpose of it?


Reginald: I’m not sure. There seems to be some kind of engraving on it. ‘Ad maxime periti

omnium.’ I wonder what that means….  (TO THE ASSISTANT) I want you to take this to forensic find out what that inscription translates to and find out why the glass doesn’t feel like glass. Do you understand me?


Assistant: Yes sir, I shall do it right away.




Reginald: As for the rest of you, this meeting is over. You may leave.


Matilda: Good evening sir.







Reginald: What is the reasoning for all of us being here dear?


Assistant: Well I did the research that you asked me to do, and I’m happy to say sir, that the apple isn’t made out of glass. It’s actually a metal. A metal that has never been heard of before. How it came into your possession is the worlds greatest mystery but you are very lucky that no one else has it.


Lucy: Incredible


Matilda: Fascinating


William: Intriguing


Reginald: Well how about the inscription, what’s that all about?


Assistant: The inscription is Latin for ‘ to the most knowledgeable of them all’. Which is interesting as the person who sent you this meant for you to open it straight away in front of all the people in this room meaning it was meant for someone in here, which is why I had you all gather here.


William: Well isn’t someone a little Sherlock today. But let me save you the effort. Most knowledgeable of them all? That’s clearly meant for me.


Matilda: Excuse me, I’ll think you’ll find it’s clearly me.


Lucy: Actually children, it’s obviously meant for me so you can all back of.


Reginald: Well then, if you truly believe that then how about this…. Each one of you is to present a winning idea for the company to a someone who has never heard of this company before. Who ever has the best idea according to him or her, truly will be the most knowledgeable of them all.


William:Alright then.


Lucy: I suppose that seems fair.


Matilda: Sounds good to me.


Reginald: In that case, of you go. And thank you to my dear assistant.







Arthur:Who the hell might you be?


Matilda: I’m Matilda


Lucy:I am Lucy


William: William, nice to meet you mate.


Arthur: What are doing here tho. What do you want for me?


William: We need you to listen to us-


Matilda: Hear our ideas-


Lucy:And then decide whose idea is the best.


Arthur: Okay I can do that


William: Great, I’ll go first.

If you choose me then I will use my knowledge to help you hold power over those who are bad to you. I truly believe that with this new metal we can create a whole new military. A more advanced military. No one would be able to stop us and we would have something everyone in this world would want what we have.


Lucy:If you choose me then I will use this metal to create a brand new watch. It’s perfect as everyone wants the latest thing whoever it’s a new phone or watch. You of course would get to design what would be on this watch but it would be so much better than any others that it would look like we’ve travelled 100 years into the future.


Matilda:My idea would be a whole brand new smart car. Unlike other cars, this car will be able to self drive at the perfect speed for you, automatically change its temperature based on your body and change its wheels based on the texture of the path beneath you. As a result of this, you would never have to have long, mentally draining drives again, all you have to do is sit back and relax.


Arthur:Well, you’ve all had many ideas from extreme to practical. Are you sure you want me to choose between you all? What if you don’t like the outcome?


William:Relax mate, no matter what you choose we’ll all be civil.


Matilda: I can’t say William was entirely truthful on his part but I guarantee you, I won’t change my behaviour no matter what.


Lucy:I think I speak for all of us when I say, just choose already.


Arthur:Okay, okay. Well, I guess in that case, the person I’m going to choose is…. the person with the best idea is…… the person I think deserves to win is……