Campus Shuttle update

Trial stop near Dockyard

We are working with The Kings Ferry to monitor the usage and effect of the new stop located on Western Avenue adjacent to the Historic Dockyard. Western Avenue (google maps) was chosen as the stop as this is a public bus stop which minimises delays to the timetable.

The Dockyard (Mast Pond area) and the two bus stops located on Dock Road were investigated as stop locations but were found unsuitable to operate an hourly service by The Kings Ferry. The extra distance required for all of these stops would add on a lot more time and would mean that the service could not operate within the hour. The stop within the Dockyard is also used as a coach stop which reduces space for the shuttle vehicles to turn around; this was of particular concern in relation to the larger coach and health and safety reasons.

We are currently awaiting information from The Kings Ferry of the actual timings of the route compared with the timetable. Once we have this information we will review if it is possible to allow passengers to board at Liberty Quays travelling towards Pembroke and the Dockyard. We have also approached Arriva regarding the actual 191 service route times.

Booking system

You are now able to book on the current system until the end of term (14 December 2018).

The new booking system is still in the testing phase to ensure it works effectively and is easy to use.

Features of the new booking system will include a mobile app that communicates booking and boarding information in real-time to improve the customer experience.

New coach

We are expecting the second new coach to arrive the first week of November. This will be a 33 seater coach to replace the current 29 seater. The new coach will have Wi-Fi, USB charging points, more comfortable seats and a toilet on board.

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