Accessible parking bay reminder

We are receiving some messages and calls to say that vehicles are parked in accessible bays without being entitled to do so. Please remember that some staff and students may have virtual Government Blue Badge permits or virtual Health Access permits which allow them to park in the accessible bays. They do not necessarily need to display a physical Government Blue Badge.

Anyone parking in accessible bays without having the appropriate registered virtual permit or without displaying a Government Blue Badge may be issued with a Parking Charge Notice.

Please remember that some people who require accessible bays:

  • Have no other option but to drive and park on campus
  • Require the larger bays to get out of their vehicle, for example fully opening the car door if they are in a wheelchair or on crutches
  • Need to move their vehicle to other accessible bays multiple times within one day
  • Need to park as close to their building as possible

Visit our accessible parking webpage for more information.