Blog by Dr Yetunde Kolajo

Welcome to Week 1 of BHM 2023!

I firmly believe in the value of continuous learning. As Albert Einstein once said, when you cease to learn, you cease to grow – I say “When you stop learning, you cease to exist.” This timeless message remains relevant today, as a lack of ongoing education can inhibit personal growth and progress. It is important that our society does not become devoid of understanding. Without ongoing learning, one’s potential for improvement and development is limited, particularly within the realm of higher education. I find Robert Kiyosaki’s emphasis on the importance of fully experiencing life rather than simply existing to be especially poignant. In order to truly live life to its fullest potential, it is essential to keep learning and growing. For higher education students and institutions alike, it is crucial to continually engage in the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and skills. Embracing a continuous growth mindset is imperative for change and success.


  • Black History Month was first proposed in 1915, 50 years after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished US slavery
  • In America, the month is celebrated in February.
  • Black History Month was created to improve the public’s study of African-American history
  • In 1976, the celebration was extended from a week to a month. v The UK started celebrating Black History Month in October 1987. (source: champions)

Hair holds significant cultural value in African communities, particularly for black girls and women. It is a defining aspect of their identity and a powerful symbol of beauty and pride. BHM 2023 is an opportune moment for our community to delve deeper into the unique and exquisite qualities of Beautiful Black Curly Kinky Hair.

According to Selkridge-Carty ‘s 2021 blog post, the elimination of European beauty standards for black women and girls would effectively end the fashion oppression of black hair.

As we celebrate 2023 Black History Month, we have a unique opportunity to expand our collective knowledge and understanding of this important event. Recently, I watched a thought-provoking TED Talk by Mena Fombo from the ‘No. You cannot touch my hair!’ campaign.

This campaign is a great example and can provide valuable insights into this year’s Black History Month theme, which is focused on recognising and honoring the significant contributions of Black women and girls to various movements throughout history – The theme of ‘Saluting our Sisters’.

Let’s support and embrace the #WEMATTER movement for BHM 2023 by focusing on increasing awareness and knowledge.

Check out this 14-minute video celebrating Black Women and Girls