Lead by example initiative

At Kent, we wish to encourage excellence amongst students, leading by example. In light of our Good Neighbour initiative, we aim to celebrate local student residents who exemplified what it means to be a kind and respectful neighbour.

We are launching a Good Neighbour Awards campaign to recognise the amazing student residents in our local community.  

At Kent, our aim is to inspire students to be good neighbours, by drawing from the model students living in our communities and bringing them to the forefront. We would like to recognise the achievements of those students who go the extra mile and embed themselves within their neighbourhoods.  

Do you have local student residents displaying exemplary behaviour and community spirit in your area?  

Are your student neighbours benefitting the area where you live and giving back to their community?  

We would like you to get in touch with information about your excellent student neighbours. Please provide their address and some information about why your neighbours deserve recognition for the award. Contact us on communityliaison@kent.ac.uk.

We look forward to hearing your experiences and celebrating students who deserve recognition for their contributions to our local community.  

We plan to interview the winners of the Good Neighbour Awards and share these case studies with our cohort of students to inspire and empower them. We will use these real-life examples to inform our resources for the future and make them relevant to students living locally in years to come.