Doctorial Training Partnership Studentship Competitions

The 2022 Studentship Competitions for CHASE, SeNSS, ARIES and SoCoBio are now open. Kent is proud to be part of several prestigious Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) offering extensive programmes of training and development for doctoral researchers.

ARIES – Advanced Research and Innovation in the Environmental Sciences

Studentships are available in the environmental sciences including ecology, marine, atmospheric and climate science, geosciences and microbiology. Application deadline: 23.59 12 January 2022. For more details visit the ARIES webpage.  

CHASE – Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England

Studentships are available in the Arts, humanities and creative practices. Application deadline: 23.59 Tuesday 7 December 2021. For more details visit the CHASE webpage

SeNSS – South East Network for Social Sciences 

Studentships in the social sciences, including economics, PoI IR, business and management, linguistics, sociology, psychology and socio-legal studies are now available. Application deadline:  23.59 Sunday 2 January 2022. For more details visit the SeNSS webpage

SoCoBio – South Coast Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership

Studentships are available in biosciences linked to living systems, sustainable agriculture and food, renewable resources and clean growth and health. Application deadline: 13.59 10 January 2022. For more details visit the SoCoBio webpage

Visit the Doctorial Training Partnership website for details of each competition: