FitnessFest 2019

FitnessFest 2019

As part of the University of Kent’s Worldfest celebrations this month, FitnessFest 2019 will offer four different classes to get you moving – open to all members and non-members. In our annual fitness class shakeup, Kent Sport invites you to join the fitness team to sample a unique evening of group exercise at the ninth annual FitnessFest medley on Monday 18 March.

FitnessFest kicks off with Metafit at 17.45. Raise your heartrate and keep burning calories long after the class is over. Adam will make you sweat – in a good way! This is a HIIT workout you do not want to miss.

At 18.30 we mix things up with Funky LBT – target those legs, bums and tums with a funky beat to get those hips shaking. Hayley brings out the FUN in funky.

Following on at 19.30 we join the epic duo Jeni and Emma for Zumba. If you love to move, then this is the perfect class to let loose and live your best life. Jeni and Emma are the perfect package in this exciting dance class.

To close the evening, we’ve put on the perfect class to calm your mind and body – Relax and Unwind with Laetitia. Take the time to breath and stretch away all that stiffness in your muscles. Laetitia leads this class through tranquillity and calmness – exactly what you need to relax the mind and body.

All FitnessFest classes are free for Gold and Silver Members. Bronze members and non-members pay £2 per class. Class fees are payable at the Sports Centre reception. Please book and pay (if required) on to each class you will be attending. Gold and Silver members can book online up to seven days in advance at or by visiting the Sports Centre or Pavilion receptions.

If you’re not a member it’s easy to join, ask at the Sports Centre or Pavilion reception or visit

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