Congratulations to Dominique Carlini Versini

The Department of Modern Languages is delighted to announce that Dominique Carlini Versini has completed her Phd in French under the supervision of Dr Thomas Baldwin and Dr Katja Haustein.

Dominique’s Phd thesis, entitled ‘Le Corps-frontière: figures de l’excès dans les fictions de Marie Darrieussecq, Virginie Despentes, Laurence Nobécourt et Marina de Van’, looks at excessive representations of the body in the texts and films of four contemporary French women writers and filmmakers. By analysing bodily excess in literature and ‘Extreme Cinema’, the thesis brings together two approaches in literary and cinematic scholarly criticism in French studies, that had been conceived of separately so far.

Looking specifically at texts and films, the thesis seeks to analyse the various modes through which the two mediums enter in contact and reinvent the body. In that way, it aims to deliver a political and aesthetic reflection on corporeality while developing an intermedial poetics that reveals the multiple connections between the two art forms.

Our congratulations to Dr Carlini-Versini.

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