Top tips for Fresher’s week

Fresher’s week can be quite a daunting time for some students but it guarantees to be the best week to the start of your academic life!

Top tips:

  • Introduce yourself to your flatmates, they will become your first friends who you will spend Fresher’s Week with and – after all you will be living with them for a year so why not get to know them early?
  • Keep a diary there are many events on campus in different buildings and venues, some may also clash so organise your social calendar for the week ahead.
  • Check your timetable and attend welcome talks from your school, this will be the first introduction to the course and a chance for you to meet course mates.
  • Check out events on Facebook prior to arriving. Venue hold a few fancy dress events, typically a school disco so grab your school ties and check out the Fresher’s event page.
  • Add Campus Security’s number to your phone and familiarise yourself with our top tips to stay safe. As most parents say ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’.
  • Download the SafeZone app.
  • Watch the Student Guide videos on:
    Support, health and wellbeing services at Kent
    Studying at Kent
    How to use the local transport
    – Dealing with money at University (finance)
  • Attend the Fresher’s Fair it is a chance to see what Kent has to offer, join societies, browse volunteering opportunities and there always tends to be a Domino’s hut so if anything go for the free pizza and you never know you may be tempted to approach the stalls.
  • Grab a map of campus or check out the Medway and Canterbury maps online to ensure you don’t get lost. Medway have their own student map too.
  • Join the Official University of Kent Fresher’s 2018 group to keep in contact with your cohort and up-to-date on events.
  • Visit town and get to know your surroundings there’s a lot on offer in both Canterbury and Medway for students.
  • Register at the doctors. Fresher’s flu is no myth so make sure you’re able to get doctors appointments when it kicks in. Register here for Canterbury and Medway and check with your GP that you’ve had your MMR vaccine before going to university this September. #StopTheSpread
  • Download local taxi numbers when returning from late nights out.

By recent Kent graduate Sophia Cheraitia.