Kent to host wine tasting day

Kent will be hosting a wine tasting day with Professor Vladimir Jiranek – Head of Department of Wine and Food Science at University of Adelaide (South Australia) – on Friday 6 July, 09.00 – 17.00.

Titled Wine 101: An introduction to winemaking, styles and evaluation, the one day course is perfect for novices and new enthusiasts who simply want to learn about the core concepts of wine, omitting the overly technical stuff in favour of understandable explanations.

Discover which grapes are used for each wine; how these grapes are grown and harvested; how they are processed in to red, white, sparkling and fortified styles; what effects the grape-growing and wine making have on the final product; what the basic appearances, tastes, aromas and flavours of different wines; and what these senses can tell you about the wine you are drinking.

The day will begin with an introductory talk, followed by a guided tasting journey through 25 different wines, during which a two-course lunch will be served. We will progressively build your wine recognition and evaluation throughout the day, leaving you with a familiarity of the attributes and faults with different wine varieties and styles.

The course fee is £114 and includes all tastings and a two course lunch in Dolche Vita.
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Attendees must be 18 or over.