Kent Vision

KentVision Change Sessions running now!

KentVision Change Sessions running from next week!

You might know a little about KentVision, you might know a lot, but Change Sessions are a chance for everyone to get to know a little more.

As go live draws nearer, attend a session to prepare for upcoming changes and look forward to the benefits that come with KentVision.

Sessions will focus on specific areas, so you can attend according to your interests. In session, we will explore the need for change, illuminate opportunities, address challenges and encourage open discussion. Each attendee will leave more prepared for the arrival of KentVision across enrolment to congregations.

They’re also an ideal precursor to training. Learn about cultural, conceptual and process changes before getting to grips with using the new system during training.


There’s two sessions to choose from in the first instance …

Introduction to KentVision

Explore the broad changes to institutional culture needed to effect change; a reactive environment must become a managed environment for significant improvements all round. Focus is on the ways everyone can embrace the change with particular attention to administration of the student lifecycle.

Business Rules, Deadlines & Reference Data

Rules and reference data underpin the processes and system functionality in KentVision. Find out what sort of rules we’re talking about, how they will work and what that means for the way we plan and administer the student journey.

… And more sessions coming soon as we delve into topics specifically related to particular areas of student lifecycle administration.

Don’t know much about the KentVision Programme yet? There’s lots of resources online to get a feel for the coming changes, understand what the Programme is doing and what that means for you. And you can always get in touch.