Postgraduate Research Café

The Graduate School runs the postgraduate research café to provide opportunity for you to showcase your work and to listen to talks from postgraduate researchers from different disciplines, with a chance for questions, debate and networking over tea and coffee.


‘Your PhD learning journey’
8 November, 15.00-17.00, Graduate School training room (Cornwallis East, 3rd floor)

How can reflection help make us better researchers?  The better we are at reflecting, the better we are at getting to deeper levels of analysis.  Exploring our choices, assumptions and connections can help us to think about new ways to open up our studies, it can get us to think about any blindspots we have, and consider the reasons we have adopted certain methodologies and rejected others. In this interactive workshop you will experiment with different means of and tools for reflection, in order to foster your theoretical and practical understanding of reflexivity.

‘How do we make sense of ourselves and the world? A cognitive and discursive approach’
5 December, 12.30-14.00, Graduate School training room (Cornwallis East, 3rd floor)

Andy Dean from Social of Anthropology and Conservation will present on: ‘How do we make sense of ourselves and the world? A cognitive and discursive approach’. Tom John (Tizard) will discuss: ‘Enhancing service user involvement in care planning’.

If you would like to attend any of these events, gain more information or contribute in 2017-18, please email us.

Postgraduate Research Cafe on the Medway campus

Information about the Postgraduate Research Café in Medway can be found on the Facebook page.  The Medway Research Café runs every two weeks on a Friday in Room DC-105 in the Drill Hall

Please contact Aiste Steponenaite if you have any queries about Postgraduate Research Cafe, Medway.