Staff focus groups on the recognition of teaching achievement through promotion

The University is undertaking a project to review the University’s approach to achieving excellence in education and the student experience through its key people practices known as the Recognising Excellence in Education Project (REEP). The project draws on commitments in the University of Kent’s Education and Student Experience Strategy, the People Strategy and national sector initiatives, particularly the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The University is keen to build on its recent success in being awarded a Gold rating in the TEF.

REEP’s Executive sponsor is Professor April McMahon, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education, who also chairs the project Steering Group. The Steering Group comprises a cross-section of academics, the Director of UELT, the President of the Student Union and three members of HR.

A key element of the project is a review of the University’s approach to the recognition of achievements in teaching, education and the student experience through the promotion process. We have been consulting with academic staff on this in recent weeks and have received some extremely valuable feedback. We would now like to hold some more focus group sessions to ensure we capture as wide a range of views as possible. We are particularly keen to hear from Teaching & Research colleagues who have a practice with a strong teaching focus, as this perspective has been slightly under-represented so far.

The focus groups will be held on Tuesday 17 October, 15.00-17.00 and Friday 20 October, 12.30-14.30.

If you would like to participate and assist with this project, please email Naa Pinkcombe (HR Project Manager) for further information.