Ageing of British Gerontology Exhibition

Launched at the 46th Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology in July, the ‘Ageing of British Gerontology Exhibition’ comprises portraits of, and interviews with, 50 key writers and policy-makers who have contributed to the study of ageing over the past 50 years.

The digital exhibition features 50 individuals who have been influential in building the UK’s knowledge base in ageing. The slideshows and images form part of a two-year Leverhulme-funded research project which also includes film footage. The project explores the evolution of British gerontology from the founding of the British Society of Gerontology in 1971 to the present day and features three senior academics from the University of Kent: Professor Julia Twigg, Leverhulme Fellow and Professor of Social Policy and Sociology; Professor Bleddyn Davies, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy; and Professor Ann Netten, Professor of Social Welfare.

Recognised as a centre of expertise in ageing studies, Kent has contributed to the study and interpretation of growing older in our society over several decades. The University’s Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) has conducted a range of research in the field of gerontology. Working with providers, service users and analysts, PSSRU research has helped to inform our understanding of ageing and social support. Professor Julia Twigg’s research has established the field of Cultural Gerontology; her work on a series of interconnected projects exploring clothing and age can be viewed on

More information about the Ageing of British Gerontology Exhibition can be found on the project site where you can also watch Professor Julia Twigg discuss her personal journey to working in the field of ageing and how we adjust to the process of leaving our youth behind.