Dr Lois Lee in New Scientist magazine

The Understanding Unbelief programme at Kent, led by Dr Lois Lee, Research Fellow in the Department of Religious Studies, is the focus of one of the lead articles in this week’s New Scientist magazine, dated 15 April 2017.

New Scientist is a weekly magazine, established in 1956, to focus on all aspects of scientific research. It currently has over 100,000 readers.

The article, entitled ‘Faith of the Faithless: Is Atheism Just Another Religion’ asks whether, if it is impossible to disprove the existence of God, then is atheism just another faith?

‘This idea turns up all the time, and it is very loaded,’ Lois says in the article: ‘When people say ‘atheism is just another religion’, they normally mean it in a pejorative way.’

The issue is currently available in newsagents, and is also available online (via a subscription) here.