Kent website: changes to top links

From 31 January, the links in the top right of our web pages (mainly ‘Quick links’ and ‘Information for me’ menus) will no longer be there. They’re being removed and replaced with a Kent bar containing links to Students, Staff, Alumni and Departments.

The new Kent bar will be at the top of all standard University web pages.

The Student and Staff links pop open, offering:

  • featured links to the six most popular services (with a ‘show all’ option)
  • ability to search for systems and services relevant to you.

There are no changes to the main menu below the Kent logo (About, Research, Courses, Locations, International etc).

You can try it now – any feedback will be welcome:

Why are these links being replaced?

Over the years, our users have told us the ‘Quick links’ have grown too long. We’ve also improved the website’s search. This is part of a project to improve the Kent website.

What’s next?
We intend to launch the new Kent bar to the live website on 31 January. After that we’re looking at a launch date for some of the new-look web pages on the Beta site including the University homepage.