Thinking and working beyond the discipline – workshop 6 Dec

‘Thinking and working beyond the discipline: building student confidence, creativity and employability’ is the title of a workshop taking place on Tuesday 6 December 2016, from 12.45-14.00, in the UELT Seminar Room (Canterbury Campus).

The workshop will be presented by Dr Ian Bride (School of Anthropology and Conservation, Social Sciences Faculty and winner of a Social Sciences Faculty Teaching Prize in 2016) as part of the ‘Developing Teaching for Experienced Staff’ at the University.

Dr Bride fully concurs with Friere’s view that education should offer means by which we build critical, intellectual and practical capacities through creative and experiential learning that enable people to deal with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world. In the context of his School, he therefore seeks to challenge students to question the value of natural (and social) science generated knowledge as the only (or certainly, the most valuable and relevant) form for directing the design and implementation of successful conservation strategies. This informs the practice Dr Bride will be talking about in this session; practice that is undertaken both within and outside the formal curriculum. The hope is that participants will be able to relate his approach to their own learning and teaching practice, and consider similar innovative interventions therein.

To book a place, please email