Kent International Pathways deliver courses in India

Colleagues from Kent International Pathways (in the Centre for English and World Languages) travelled to the bustling city of New Dehli in July this year  to teach two 2-Day courses in collaboration with the British Education Centre (BEC). The UK Higher Education: Life Skills in Culture, Education & Leadership courses were delivered to students from many prestigious schools around the capital.  Students enjoyed the more interactive learning experience in the classroom across the two days, and we were very impressed with how enthusiastically they took part in all aspects of the lessons.  They even managed to have time to search for Pokémon during their lunch hour around Cyber City, where BEC is based!  BEC also hosted a School Principal and Counsellor Event, where counsellors visited to discuss best practice and listen to an inspiring talk by Madan Mohan Pant (an internationally renowned expert specialising in pedagogy, technology and the development of tools and curricula for 21st century education). and take part in a discussion led by Usha S. Chaujer (Educator and Consultant – Inclusive and Support Education), Chairperson for AISCAP (Association of Indian School Counsellors and Allied Professionals) who has been a primary figure in support education in India for over 40 years.

The BEC aims to ‘contribute sustainably to building the India-UK partnership by reinforcing the education/knowledge bridge’ between the UK and India. The mission of this new education centre is to work with many British HE/FE institutions and corporate companies to deliver various programmes to Indian students or young executives, providing them with the chance to experience and access British education and training in India. Their mission is already well underway with several corporate and educational partners, including the University of Kent, working closely with them.  


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