Wenjia Liu completes year as Visiting Research Fellow

Professor Wenjia Liu is completing her year at the University as a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies on the 28 July 2016.

Wenjia Liu is from the School of Architecture at Zhengzhou University (who funded her visit to Kent), she works on the sustainable conservation of archaeological sites in modern urban space. She came to Kent to work with staff and PhD students to investigate the changing values associated with heritage sites both in the UK and in Italy over the last 50 years. In addition, she hoped to identify approaches within Western concepts of planning and conservation that may be applicable in China.

Whilst at the university, Wenjia visited several historic cities including London, Rome and Athens and took part in the Managing Change: Urban Heritage between Conservation and Development conference. She met several famous scholars from archaeology, architecture and heritage management with whom she was able to discuss and exchange ideas and who gave her lots of valuable suggestions and inspiration.

Wenjia is now working on two papers, one on ‘Strategies for the Conservation of Archaeological Sites in Context of Modern Urban Development: Case Study on London’ and another on Sui-tang National Archaeological Park in Luoyang, which will include some comparisons between Louyang Park and the Roman Forum.

We wish Wenjia every success with her papers and hope to remain in touch in the coming years to hear more about her work.