University update following EU referendum

Message from Mary Hughes, Director of Enrolment Management Services:

The University has reinforced its commitment to remain a European university following the vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. We are proud to be an outward facing and international university. We are especially proud of our diverse student body and our European and international staff, and we recognise that we benefit greatly from this diversity.

A vote to leave the EU clearly raises many questions; however, the exit process is likely to take a very long time and we may not see any proposals or changes that affect students for a number of years.

If you are a EU national currently registered at the University we would like to reassure you that:

    •  if you have been in receipt of a loan from the Student Loan Company, your eligibility to access this loan scheme will continue for the duration of your programme; – that your tuition fee status will not change; and
    • there is no reason to assume any change to your immigration status.

In short, we anticipate there will not be any change to your status as a student for the duration of your programme.

Equally, if you are either a EU or UK student currently registered to study under the Erasmus programme, you continue to be eligible for your Erasmus grant as long as the UK remains a member of the EU, and could well be extended beyond this.

The University is in contact with relevant government agencies and is seeking advice and guidance throughout the period of transition, particularly on the issues directly affecting our non-UK European students and we will alert you to any changes that effect you.

You can read the University’s response to the referendum and other updates on the Student Guide.

We will update this page with information on further developments as they occur. If in the meantime you have any specific queries regarding your application, please contact us via