Moodle rollover 2016

Moodle 2016 is now available at Students will not have access to Moodle 2016 until September, until then it is for staff preparation only.

As last year, all Moodle modules for the next academic year and manually created modules with a DPxxxx code are rolled over to Moodle 2016 with content, not including Turnitin assignments or KentPlayer recordings. Moodle 2015 and Moodle 2016 will run concurrently over the summer, on different URLs. The main Moodle URL, will take visitors to Moodle 2015 until 30 August. After that date, it will connect to Moodle 2016.

Please contact your FLT at if you have any questions about the rollover process.

Library information

New for this year, CLA scanned documents that have been used previously will be carried over automatically, so you will only need to request new ones. Ensure that requests for new extracts are submitted using Moodle 2016 (not previous years). Allow six weeks for the scans to be processed and uploaded.

You will be able to edit your reading list for 2016/17 in draft form from 26 May. To edit and publish your reading lists, link to Canterbury and Tonbridge lists via Readinglists@kent or Medway via Readinglists@kent РMedway.

Full rollover information, a link to Moodle 2016 and contact information is available to staff only on the elearning website.