Pay What You Decide – Best of BE Fest

Headspinning performances from Europe’s four corners on Wed 6 Apr at 7.30pm. From Italy comes ‘Quintetto’ by TIDA, the 1st prize award winner at this year’s Birmingham based festival; a razor sharp and interactive comedy and physical theatre piece that packs a serious punch dealing with the realities of shoestring budget entertainment.  ‘#sobrejulieta’ is a one-woman show craving to be a dialogue from Spanish company, Grumelot. Using a rather famous bard (2016 is his 400 year commemoration) as a way to the audience’s heart, ‘#sobrejulieta’ uses English, Spanish and projected video texts in this contemporary adaptation of a love story full of excess. The third performance entitled ‘The Whistle’ is by Darragh McLoughlin from Ireland’s Squarehead Productions.

Gulbenkian are trialling a Pay What You Decide ticket policy for Best of BE Festival 2015.  You reserve your tickets in advance for free. You enjoy the show. Then exit you pay what you decide you want to, or can afford to pay, based on your overall enjoyment of the performance.