Dockyard Power Shutdown

On Saturday 12 December 2015, UK Power Networks will be carrying out scheduled maintenance to the three sub-stations which serve the whole of the Historic Dockyard site. Consequently, on the 12 December there will be no staff or student access to any of the University’s buildings on the Dockyard site as there will be a complete power shutdown.

Information Services have asked that all staff based at the Dockyard site unplug all their IT equipment before leaving site on Friday 11 December 2015.  If you have any queries regarding your IT equipment please contact the Medway Campus Support Team

You should also unplug all other electrical equipment e.g.: kettles, toasters etc., except for fridges/freezers which should not be unplugged as they will defrost if they are left off all over the weekend.

Please ensure details of this closure are communicated to all of your students and to staff without access to email.

If there are any queries regarding the above please contact the Estates Helpdesk at Canterbury on Ext 3209.