A new Kent Extra course

A new Kent Extra course: KE064 – Mentoring at University: Reflective Practice run by the Student Learning Advisory Service is starting at Canterbury and Medway on 04 November:

You can sign up now for the new 12 week mentoring module which starts in week 6. It will be taught on the Canterbury campus (on Wednesdays, 13.00 to 14.00 in ELT2) and on the Medway campus (on Wednesdays 14.00 – 15.00 in DA015).

This is a Kent Extra course so it is non-credit bearing, but it will appear on your degree transcript. Follow this link to sign up:

Why do a Kent Extra course?
It’s a great chance to build transferable skills and enhance your CV and career prospects. If you complete a Kent Extra course, you will get Employability Points and it will appear on your Higher Education Achievement Report (subject to satisfactory attendance). It’s also a chance to study something purely for pleasure, free of charge.

How do I find out more and sign up for a course?

Visit: https://www.kent.ac.uk/extra/courses/coursesSkillsEmploy.html, where you will find KE064 listed for Canterbury and Medway.

Follow the link to sign up in the Student Data System. Choose ‘Workshops’: under ‘My Study’ you will see a list of Workshop Skills choose ‘Kent Extra’ to see a list of Kent Extra workshops and choose KE064 at the Canterbury or Medway campus depending on where you are based.