Kent Hospitality catering – University Business feature

Keith Williams, Head of Trading, has been interviewed for the May issue of University Business magazine in which he discusses Kent Hospitality’s award winning catering outlets.

Keith describes how we retain our customer base not just through pricing strategies and loyalty offers, but the quality of the food, outstanding customer service and the extended service periods.

Menu variety and providing outlet choice are also key to adding customer value for both Kent and the University of Sheffield (who also feature in the article). Keith Williams is emphatic about its importance: This has been our focus for a decade to create unique spaces across the campus, both to provide for the different types of experience that our varying student demographics are after, and to avoid duplication so that we offer a huge amount of choice.

The four page article can be read in the University Business online magazine (titled Fickle Friends).

For those with hard copies of the magazine, the article is pages 45-48.