New centre focusing on Early Christianity

The recently inaugurated Centre for Early Christianity and its Reception has now launched its new website.

At Kent, there exists a substantial focus of multidisciplinary interest in early Christianity from its beginnings until Late Antiquity, including the exploration of its reception, which has been further strengthened by recent appointments of new staff, as well as building on those already in post and graduate students. The general interdisciplinary setting of the School of European Culture and Languages (SECL) provides an opportunity to develop a highly visible research community at the university over the coming years, hosted under the Centre.

The director of the new centre is Professor Karla Pollmann, Head of Classical & Archaeological Studies and Deputy Head of SECL. The Centre is the sixth research centre currently based within SECL, joining centres for Heritage, Language and Linguistics, Late Antique Archaeology, Modern European Literature, and Reasoning, which combine to create an active and energetic research community.