Impact survey: staff input requested

Corporate Communications and Kent Innovation & Enterprise have commissioned Viewforth Consulting to carry out a study of the University’s economic, social and cultural impact as part of the broad range of activities which are taking place as part of the 50th anniversary.

As part of this study, we would like to include the additional value for society generated by the external engagement and public service activities of University staff, inside and outside of normal work hours. This relates to unpaid or ‘nominally ‘ reimbursed advisory and engagement activity, such as acting as adviser to a government committee or serving on a school board. Many University staff participate in such activity but it can be an ‘invisible’ element of their professional role and is not always clearly recognised.

We would be most grateful if you could take part in a survey to help Viewforth carry out this part of the study. You can access the survey at

Viewforth have worked with a number of other institutions across the HE sector including Universities UK. This is the second impact study they have carried out on behalf of the University. If you have any queries on this, Carole Barron (KIE) and Posie Bogan (Corporate Communications) would be more than happy to answer them. Please note the survey closes on 10 September 2014.