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Changes to 4/6 timetable

Please see new route 4 timetable and route 6 timetable.

We have received some emails from members of staff with concerns regarding the changes to the 4/6 route bus timetables which comes into place on Monday 12 December 2016.

We have contacted Stagecoach and received the following response explaining the change in the service:

Except for some early morning journeys, this route will no longer run via Tankerton Circus or Swalecliffe. This is as a result of feedback from residents and representations from local councillors in Tankerton, which meant that an alternative solution needed to be found that preserved the link between Herne Bay, Greenhill, Whitstable Rail Station and Estuary View Medical Centre. Consequently from Whitstable Station, buses will continue every hour via Church Street, Ham Shades Lane, Foxgrove Road and the Old Thanet Way towards Greenhill. After Greenhill most buses will continue to/from Herne Bay as route 6 bus.

There is a revised timetable with some journeys running up to 5 minutes earlier. The current 0759 journey from Tanterton Priest & Sow (0812 from Whitstable Harbour Street) will no longer run due to low usage. Passengers who previously travelled to the University at this time can use the Triangle from Priest & Sow Corner at 0756 and change at the Cherry Garden Road bus stop in Canterbury to one of the frequent buses to the University.”

For more information on these changes visit the Stagecoach service updates webpage.

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