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Single Bus Journeys for £2

The cost of a single bus journey has been capped at £2 on most Stagecoach and Arriva routes has now been extended until the end of June.

The Bus Fare Cap scheme is a Government funded scheme introduced on most single bus journeys across England from the 1st January 2023.

These tickets can be purchased on the bus apps or on board.

For more information please visit the Stagecoach webpage for Canterbury buses or the Arriva webpage for Medway buses.

Stagecoach changes to bus fares

From Sunday 28 April Stagecoach are changing the price of some of their bus tickets.

Changes to fares that affect the University of Kent are listed in the table below:

Bus ticket

Price on bus (from 28 April)

Price on app
(from 28 April)

Previous price on the bus

Public price
University of Kent
Canterbury dayrider
£3.30 £3.10 £3.10 £4.50
University of Kent
7 day Canterbury megarider
£11.40 £10.40 £10.90 £15.50
South East dayrider £7.30 £7.10 £7 £7.30
South East 7 day megarider £26 £24.50 £23.50 £26

Don’t forget that it is cheaper to purchase bus tickets on the Stagecoach bus app. Load and pay for your tickets and then activate them when you get on the bus.

The Stagecoach bus app also allows you to check live bus times and create favourites for bus stops and buses to make your journey planning easier.

See the full Stagecoach story for all fare changes.