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Have you considered car sharing?

There are plenty of reasons to car share:

  • It can save you money
  • It can reduce pollution from car emissions
  • It can reduce the use of limited fossil fuels
  • It gives you company on your journey
  • It can reduce local congestion on roads and in car parks
  • It can be safer (e.g. having company if you breakdown) and less stressful than doing all the driving yourself
  • You can network and make new friends

If you would like to try car sharing but have no one to car share with, try searching our car share database UniShare South East which we share with Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Greenwich.

Don’t forget that if you have a car share parking permit you can park in the trial pink zone car share bays within the Estates car park. Find out more about car sharing on campus.

Introduction of pink zone car share parking bays (trial)

The Estates Department are running a trial to introduce pink zone car share bays at the Canterbury campus. The aim of the trial is to encourage car sharing and reduce single car occupancy where possible, in accordance with the University Travel Plans.

How will the trial work?

From 11 October 2018, 16 parking bays within the Estates car park will be designated for the car share bay trial. These bays will be operated and enforced as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 8.00-9.30 vehicles displaying two (or more) car share parking permits can park here. No other permit holder (or non-permit holders) can park here during this time.
  • Monday to Friday 9.31- 17.00 vehicles with a pink zone parking permit or displaying car share permits can park here.
  • At all other times permit holders and non-permit holders can park here*

*staff who park in the car share parking area before 8.00, Monday to Friday, must remove their vehicle from this area by 7.59 unless they are part of the University’s formal car sharing arrangement and display two (or more) car share parking permits in their vehicle.

As this is a trial, some changes may be made in order to make the car share bays work more effectively. We will regularly review the use of the car share bays. Please send any feedback to TransportTeam@kent.ac.uk

Why has the Estates car park been chosen for the trial?

The Estates car park has been chosen for the trial due to its central location on campus and because it is easier to monitor during the trial period.

What are the benefits of car sharing?

There are many benefits to sharing your journey. Car sharing helps the environment by reducing pollution and congestion, and is a great way to save money.

How do I find someone to car share with?

We have teamed up with the University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University to create UniShare South East (Liftshare.com) – a place to find other staff and students to car share with.

This week is also Liftshare week (1-7 October 2018). If you form a Liftshare team between 24 September and 14 October you will be entered into a prize draw to win a year’s cinema pass for you and a friend.

How do I change my permit to a car share permit?

You will need to complete the car share application form with the people you will be car sharing with and return this to the Transport Team. Please ensure you have read the car share guidelines and agree with these before applying. Once your car share permit has been processed please contact the Transport Team to cancel your previous permit.

Will blue zone car share bays be introduced in the future?

If the trial for pink zone car share bays is successful we may look into the possibility of introducing car share bays in the blue zone car parks.

Find someone to car share with

Did you know the University of Kent are a member of the UniShare South East car sharing community? We have partnered up with Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Greenwich to help match up those who want to car share.

Simply sign up and add the journey you wish to share.

Car sharing can…
• Save money on your petrol costs
• Reduce congestion and pollution
• Help you network and make new friends
• Be safer, for example having company if your vehicle breaks down
• Free up car parking spaces

See our car sharing webpage for more information.