01 March 2018 Campus Shuttle evening service

The Campus Shuttle will continue to operate the usual timetable this evening (01 March) unless the weather or road conditions deteriorate. The route will continue today between Canterbury and Liberty Quays. It will not be operating to Pembroke Medway Campus.

The Kings Ferry will tweet on @CampusShuttle if there are any delays to the service and if the service will be required to stop for any safety reasons.  This can also be viewed www.kent.ac.uk/transport/planning or www.kent.ac.uk/transport/news

We recommend that you do not rely on the last service of the day, as we cannot guarantee that this will be in operation or if there will be enough seats available.

Please continue to check our tweets for updates on tomorrows service (2 March)

Keep safe, keep warm and plan your journey



The Kings Ferry 01634 377577