Canterbury car park disruptions week commencing 27 March

Applicant days

  • Wednesday 29 March- 117 bays will be reserved within Giles Lane car park for visitors to the applicant day, on behalf of EMS. Applicant days are essential recruitment events for the University

Rothford path resurfacing works

  • Monday 27 March to Friday 31 March (extended) – approximately 5 bays will be closed in Rothford car park on behalf of Estates. The pathway alongside Rothford, Belmont Bungalow, Highlands and Hilltops will also be closed while essential resurfacing works take place

Where to park

Please remember that Accessible Bays can only be used by valid Government Blue Badge holders or University of Kent Accessible Permit holders. It is essential that these bays are kept free for those who require them.

There are 528 parking bays in Giles Lane car park. As over a fifth of the bays will be unavailable to permit holders in Giles Lane car park on Wednesday, Campus Security will endeavour to inform staff and students when the car park is full on this day by placing notices on Giles Lane.

You may find that you are required to park in the Park Wood Courts car parks in front of the residences and therefore we recommend you consider this when planning your journey to the campus.

As per the Traffic Regulations, although we do not guarantee a space, parking should still be available in other car parks including car parks around Park Wood Courts. There are pedestrian signs within Park Wood Courts which inform you of the average time required to walk to the main campus. Alternatively, you can use the Park and Ride bus ticket that was sent with your parking permit to travel to and from the main campus.

Car Park locations can be found on the following link but if you are unsure please contact us.

Parking enforcement will continue in accordance with the University Regulations for the Management of Traffic.

Thank you for your cooperation