Sonny Assu: Artist in Residence

Dr Jack Davy (UEA) Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ has begun its second of four planned artist residencies, which seek to bring … Read more

For Further Reading

Professor Coll Thrush (UBC) International Co-Investigator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ The ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ team are often asked about where members of the public and scholars … Read more

Remembering D-Day

Dr Kate Rennard (University of Kent) Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ For Charles Norman Shay (Penobscot), a then 19-year-old medic serving with the 16th Infantry of … Read more

A ‘Firebird’ Abroad

Dr Shannon Toll (University of Dayton) On July 3, 1950, the newly-minted New York City Ballet, helmed by celebrated choreographer George Balanchine and his prima … Read more

At the Edge of the Knife

Dr Jack Davy (UEA) Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ Last week I was privileged to introduce the film Edge of the Knife at the Royal … Read more

Indian Ball is not Lacrosse!

Professor David Stirrup (Kent) Principal Investigator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ If you were in the crowds for the 2019 London New Year’s Day Parade, or happened … Read more


LeAndra Nephin (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska) Board Member, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ “In a way they were trying to imitate us, in a way they were … Read more

Research is a Form of Healing

Jack Davy with Sierra Tasi Baker “This [interactive storytelling exhibit] is a really good precedent, for how I think museums should be showcasing our culture. … Read more