Notes on a Statue

Professor Coll Thrush (UBC) International Co-Investigator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ On 16 June 2020, following the toppling of statues to slavers and colonists in the UK … Read more

“My Culture is Not a Costume”

Professor David Stirrup (Kent) and Dr Jack Davy (UEA) Principal Investigator and Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ At ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ one of the key … Read more

The Choctaw-Irish Gift Exchange

Dr Padraig Kirwan (Goldsmiths, University of London) Board Member, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ In light of news of recent fundraising in Ireland for the Covid-struck Navajo … Read more

We Remember

Dr Kate Rennard (University of Kent) Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ This is the latest in the series of blog posts commemorating Indigenous North American … Read more

“(I think it’s Ojibbeway)”

Professor David Stirrup (Kent) Principal Investigator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ Newspapers are inevitably a key resource for a project like ours, and it is perhaps needless … Read more

Year Two in Review

Dr Charlie Hall (Kent) Research Administrator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ As many other scholars would no doubt agree, the middle chunk of a major research project … Read more