Sector knowledge / commercial understanding
Understanding the nature of the sector in which you are working, including career paths and opportunities, and the requirements for progression. Also understanding the requirements of the workplace or codes of practice in certain sectors e.g. UK Civil Service values and competencies.

Time management and punctuality
Being able to work to deadlines and manage both your time and workload effectively to ensure everything is completed on time, building in contingency where necessary. Also, arriving at appointments or meetings on time and understanding the importance of punctuality in the working world.

Planning and project management
Being able to plan out your workload and individual projects to ensure the effective delivery of your work. This includes being able to prioritise and managed competing demands, and thinking through individual tasks to be able to complete them in the most efficient way.

Delivering under pressure and adaptability
Being able to manage pressures in the workplace, including tight deadlines and changing requirements, and coping with the stresses of professional life. Also, being able to adapt to different circumstances flexibly and to be accommodating where possible.

Creativity and innovation
Having the confidence to think creatively about a problem or task, and to take considered risks or to innovate in either content or method. This includes conceptual creativity and being able to challenge your own or other people’s original views on a subject, as well as a willingness to be challenged by others’ ideas.

Perseverance and enthusiasm
Being able to persist in a task despite difficulty or a delay in achieving success. Also, being able to remain positive in the face of challenges and not giving up – this includes encouraging others.

Self-motivation and initiative
Taking responsibility for your own work and your professional success, and also being able to choose a new course of action independently if necessary. Also, knowing how best to motivate yourself and the conditions under which you are most likely to get your best work done.