Work experience in Europe

Convention de Stage

Students seeking internships in France, Spain or Italy will probably be asked for a “Convention de Stage’ or ‘Convenio de Colaboracin’ or ‘Accordo di collaborazione’ by French, Spanish and Italian host companies.

What is it?

The agreement is basically a work contract for an internship position. It is a standard tripartite agreement between the University of Kent, the Employer and yourself confirming that you are enrolled as a current University of Kent student and that you will be returning to university following your internship. It states that the purpose of the internship is to allow the student to apply his/her theoretical knowledge into practice. Therefore, your academic school will need to approve the internship as being of benefit to your degree course/intended career. The internship agreement is a legal requirement in these countries for anyone undertaking an internship.

How do I get it?

If you are a current University of Kent student we can issue the appropriate agreement to enable you to undertake the internship.

Please note:

  • The University cannot enter into the agreement on behalf of graduates – you must be a registered student for the entire duration of the placement
  • The agreement can only be issued in response to an offer of employment. You can let potential employers know that the University can and will issue the appropriate agreement when the employment offer is received (as long as the role meets the legal requirements of the convention de stage agreement).

When you have your offer of employment, please complete the Convention de Stage request form