Fluency with common IT packages (e.g. Microsoft Office)
Being able to use the software packages commonly found in workplaces to perform basic tasks such as document writing, image creation and presentations. Also being able to use email effectively and appropriately, and use technology to retrieve or present numerical or statistical information, such as use of spreadsheets or databases.

Social media knowledge and experience
Being able to effectively and appropriately use a range of social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) for information or promotional purposes. Also choosing the right medium for your message, and tailoring your communication to both the medium and the audience.

Specific program or platform-based skills
Knowledge of specific platforms or software for different purposes e.g. SPSS for data analysis, Hootsuite for social media content management.

Coding and website building
Being able to build websites and adapt their content, and code accordingly. Understanding basic principles of HTML, for example, and how to choose appropriate software or coding tools for the job.