The Borgen Project Internship Programme

Do you have a passion in fighting global extreme poverty? Why not join The Borgen Project internship programme!

The Borgen Project is a non-profit organisation that believes in fighting extreme global poverty and hunger. Our mission statement is that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty. We’re the innovative, national campaign that is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy. Formed in 2003 by our founder Clint Borgen we have seen the success of our hard work efforts in advocating global poverty and hunger being a focus by gaining support of U.S. Congressional leaders to secure support for crucial poverty-reducing legislation. Based in Tacoma, Washington, The Borgen Project has internship opportunities for both U.S. college students and UK university students.

Currently, there are 5 internship opportunities with The Borgen Project. These are as follows:

  • HR Internship
  • Nonprofit Leadership Internship
  • Political Affairs Internship
  • Public Relations/Marketing Internship
  • Writer/Journalist Internship

This is a 12-week part-time internship programme in which you will work 12 hours weekly. Our remote internships are work from home roles, weekly deadlines must be met, meetings will be held online, and a weekly update of your progress submitted. All the positions are unpaid although these internship programmes will give you the basic and fundamental grasp into what career you would like to head into while also making an impact advocating for the fight in extreme global poverty and hunger. New programmes begin every month, you choose the month you wish to start.

To apply please use this link:

We respond to every application, reply to all queries, and always notify you of the outcome of our interviews. Please add to your list of safe email senders and check your spam/junk email folder to ensure you are receiving our communications. If you haven’t had a reply or have any difficulty applying, please email us at and we will respond.

To learn more about The Borgen Project please visit our U.S. main page:

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