Why apply to do an internship?
Whether you are in your first or final year of your degree, it is never too early or too late to start thinking about your future career. But what if you are not sure where you would like your degree to take you? Or maybe you have an idea, but you would like to gain experience in the sector, before committing to a job. An internship is the ideal opportunity to combat both. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why an internship is the perfect choice for the unsure student or graduate…

You’ll find out whether the job is right for you
Completing an internship is a great opportunity to ‘test drive’ a potential career without fully committing to a permanent job. An internship allows you to affirm or discount a certain job or career sector, helping you to narrow down your options.

You’ll develop your skills and add experience to your CV
Either way, if you decide the role is or isn’t for you, you have gained valuable experience and you have developed key transferable skills. Employers looking to hire a graduate won’t expect you to have huge amounts of industry-specific knowledge, but they are on the lookout for certain key soft skills – like being a team-player, good communicator, leader, and problem-solver.

Increase your professional network
An internship gives you the opportunity to increase your contacts, expand your professional branding, and if you have performed well, strong references for a future employer.

You’ll discover the type of work environment which is best for you
Would you prefer to work within a large company or an SME, working as part of a team or alone, and whether you like being allowed more independence over your work or are more comfortable working closely with your manager. Finding out which work culture is better suited to you can help when deciding the type of career you would like to go into.

You may find your future employer
Undertaking an internship can open many doors to your future employment. Particularly if you are a graduate doing an internship scheme, these opportunities may lead to a permanent role – so take every opportunity you can!

Here are a few internship opportunities being advertised at the moment:

Programme Internship – Corporate Political Engagement Index
Transparency International
Location: London, United Kingdom
Closing date for applications: 27th February 2018

Summer Internship – Diversity Candidates
City & Guilds Group
Location: London, United Kingdom
Closing Date: 23 February 2018

Intern – Office of the Senior Director for Research (1 year)
Amnesty International Company
Location: London, GB
Closing Date: 25 February 2018

US and the Americas Programme Intern
Chatham House
Location: London, United Kingdom

International Internship & Study Program in New York
Mountbatten Institute
Location: London, United Kingdom
Closing Date: Friday 30th March 2018

Internship – Custom Research Analyst
ISS | Institutional Shareholder Services
Location: Brussels Area, Belgium

Global Data Summer Internship – 2019 Graduates
Bloomberg LP
Location: London, United Kingdom

Corporate Partnerships Voluntary Intern
Oasis Community Partnerships
Location: Oldham, Salford, Bristol, Birmingham (low cost shared house accommodation may be available), London

Three Month Paid Internship – Social Media
One Fifty Consultancy
Location: London, United Kingdom

Public Policy Intern
Location: Berlin, DE

Global Data Summer Internship – 2018 Graduates
Bloomberg LP
Location: London, United Kingdom

Global Government Affairs Intern – Summer – Postgrad
Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area

Intern – Health Policy
Edelman Company
Location: London, United Kingdom

Public Affairs Assistant: Temp (2 months)
Location: London, United Kingdom

The Conservative Party – Campaign Intern
Location: London, United Kingdom

Russian Digital Rights ARTICLE 19: Short-term Assistant
Location: London, United Kingdom

Oxford University Press: Summer Internship 2018 
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Administration Internship (Paid- London Living Wage)
Location: London, United Kingdom