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Operation Brock in place

Operation Brock is a new system to queue lorries on the M20 while allowing general traffic to flow, in preparation for potential cross-channel delays caused by Brexit.

Since Monday 25 March, Operation Brock has been in place on the M20 between junctions 8 and 9. Operation Brock queues lorries bound for mainland Europe on the coast bound M20, and uses a contraflow on the London bound carriageway allowing traffic to travel in both directions. There are two lanes in each direction with a 50mph speed limit in place.

There are different phases of Operation Brock. Later phases include directing lorries to Manston Airfield if the section of the M20 becomes full, and then using a section of the M26 if the airfield also reaches capacity.

The new system is an alternative to Operation Stack, which closes sections of the M20 and diverts traffic to other routes.

For more information about Operation Brock, visit the Government website