Liftshare Week 2017: ‘I can’t Liftshare because…’

No matter where that sentence ends, we can guarantee that we’ve probably heard it before. In fact, we think we could probably write a book about reasons not to share (it wouldn’t be on any bestseller lists, though).

And do you know what? We understand.

We understand that sharing isn’t always practical or even the best solution for you, every day of the week. That’s why Liftshare is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be.

You don’t have to car share every day to make a difference! Even based on sharing just once a week, you’d be surprised how much the benefits add up over time; we’re talking financial savings, as well as reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing congestion and parking pressures. Plus you might make great new connections through giving it a go!

Here are a few of the most common barriers to sharing we hear, and some handy solutions to help you think outside the box…

I can’t Liftshare because… I have small children’

The school run can require its own extensive events management team to pull off each morning, we can understand that adding sharing into the mix can be daunting. Here are some options:

  • Do you alternate the school run with a partner? Why not try sharing once or twice a week, when you’re off-duty?
  • Why not add your journey to Liftshare using the postcode of the children’s school as the start point? Who knows, you could pick someone up en route.
  • Does anyone else at the University of Kent have children at the same school? Or in the same area? They might be making a similar journey to you at a similar time- perfect conditions for a Liftshare!

I can’t Liftshare because… I go to [insert activity here] straight from work

We know you’re all busy living your lives outside work, and sharing your journey might not always be your highest priority, and that’s ok. However, sharing is still possible! How about:

  • If you like going to the local gym after work, the chances are, someone else from Kent could be heading there, too! You could discover a new gym-buddy, too!
  • If your activity means you leave the house very early or don’t go straight home after work, could you give someone a lift just one-way? You could save someone from waiting around for public transport once a day!
  • Are there any nights of the week that you’re not busy? Could you share your journey once or twice a week, on the days that you do go straight home?

I can’t Liftshare because… I work part time/from home a lot/flexible hours

This is where the flexibility of the Liftshare system comes into its own! Read on:

  • Let us reiterate: you don’t have to share every day! Add your journey to the system and use the box for additional information about your journey to outline your circumstances if you work inconsistent hours. The system is designed to match similar journeys and allow you to communicate between each other so that sharing can work for you. It’s completely different from booking a taxi or a ticket on public transport.
  • Could you commit to sharing once a week? If you’re flexible, perhaps you could choose to come into work on the day your Liftshare match works? Even once every two weeks is great!
  • Our messaging system is designed to help you communicate quickly, particularly if you download the Liftshare Companion app- you can send messages quickly and easily from your phone, so if you get called into the office at the last minute, you can send a message to your Liftshare match immediately!

This Liftshare Week, all we ask is that you give sharing a try. No commitment, no strings attached.

Your Chance To Win £250!

We are so certain that there’s someone for everyone to share with, no matter your circumstances, that are putting our money where our mouth is.

Between the dates of 25th September – 15th October anyone who uses Liftshare to send a message or a share request to another member will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win £250, to spend however you like. It’s that simple.

And to say ‘thanks for sharing’, those of you already in a Liftshare team will be automatically entered, too.

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